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I really wanted to be a musician. I still do. But alas, I have about as much talent in music as there is chicken broth in a traditional apple pie. So here I am. My name is LJ Pasion. Please do not make the mistake of putting two s’s in my surname. It kind of irritates me a little. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against passion. I even like to think I have some myself. I’ve been working as a news photographer for the Manila Bulletin since July 2010. In my short career, I have shot protests, celebrations, disasters, daily life, the President, criminals, pageants, Senate hearings, sports and food, among others. Currently, I’m covering the graveyard shift, which I think is literally the bloodiest shift of all. I love photography. I’ll probably keep taking pictures until I die. But from a career point of view, I feel that I need to expand my horizons a bit more. That’s why I enrolled in the Asian Center for Journalism’s Multimedia Journalism program. With moving pictures, audio, social media and a bunch of other stuff, I know the potential is there to tell stories in a more compelling way. I just wish I could do just that. For now, I’m just trying to learning as much as I can. Maybe I’ll learn a little more about music on the way, too.

Plastic ban: A solution to flooding?

Early in August this year, the Philippines was battered by monsoon rains. The downpour, which lasted for several days, submerged most of Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon. As of August 16, 109 were reported killed by the deluge. … Continue reading

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